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Blue whale diving in Baja California, Mexico


Also known as diving in...sadly I didn't have a picture of an otter in the River Waveney

If you decide that you want to try counselling with me please contact me by either email, phone, or text. I will get back to you and we can arrange a time for your initial session which will last an hour.


You may be nervous about this appointment, particularly if this is your first experience of counselling. It is fine to take your time with me to explore this.  In this session you will get an idea of how I work, and have an opportunity to ask questions. This will help you to work out if you feel I am someone you can work together with. I will also advise you on issues such as confidentiality, arranging appointments, my cancellation policy, and payment of fees.


If you decide that counselling is for you, we would usually arrange to have sessions weekly or fortnightly, and we will review how things are going on a regular basis. You may need just a few sessions, or you may need longer. What is important is that you work at the speed that helps you.

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