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My name is Helen Douch. I'm a Person Centred counsellor

If you’re reading this, you have probably already decided that something isn’t quite right in your life. You may be experiencing anxiety, sadness, restlessness, difficulty with relationships, problems at work, or are struggling to make sense of the feelings you are having.

Perhaps you have a specific question about your life that you want help finding the answer to. Maybe a major event such as illness, bereavement or illness has left you floundering.

Or perhaps it is that external events going on in the world such as the climate crisis, wars, or political polarisation feel overwhelming, and you want to find a way of processing this such that you can still live a meaningful life.


Whatever issue is involved, I aim to provide a professional, safe, warm, accepting environment in which you can explore and try to make some sort of sense of it.

I offer face-to-face, online, and phone appointments. I also have a limited number of Walk & Talk appointments.

This can be or further details.

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