Walk & Talk

I have long been aware of the benefits of being outside in nature. Walking by moving water, hearing and seeing wildlife in their own habitat, feeling the elements against my skin all both soothe and engage me, as well as making me feel a part of something bigger.

I have also become aware that walking side by side with another person can facilitate access to and expression of thoughts and feelings. Sometimes the intensity of face-to-face encounters is just too much.

In the current pandemic, counselling in the outdoors also offers a safer way of receiving talking therapies, as risk of outdoor transmission is low.

So, I am now offering the opportunity to have counselling whilst walking by the River Waveney in Beccles. Other routes may become available.

If you are interested or would like to find out more about "Walk & Talk" please contact me.

Beccles, Suffolk, United Kingdom, NR34 9NA

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